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Holiday Special $ 20.00disc. Move Outs / In .....Make Ready

Thanksgiving, Christmas is around the corner book now for your holiday appointments.

A1 Home By Design

A1 Home By Design

4.8 Business Average ! Four years in a row. I am so proud of my team,  the contractors that where involved with some of ...

4.8 Business Average ! Four years in a row.
I am so proud of my team, the contractors that where involved with some of my bigger projects this year.

Thank you.
Donna Moore

Now this is Move In Ready ...Did I mention...shoes off..

Now this is Move In Ready ...
Did I mention...shoes off..

Clean Out ✔ Hording ✔Family Estate ✔Do you or a family member have a home in need of help, overwhelmed with where to sta...

Clean Out ✔ Hording ✔Family Estate ✔

Do you or a family member have a home in need of help, overwhelmed with where to start. It takes one phone call and the desire to let professionals handle those overwhelming decisions, sorting, donations, storage solutions and disposal.

The process and time involved depends on your needs and size of area, conditions.

A1 Cleaning By Design In Home Service's  Move In Cleaning, just one of the 5 Star Service's available..

A1 Cleaning By Design In Home Service's

Move In Cleaning, just one of the 5 Star Service's available..

It's so important to fix , clean and touch up .  Buyer's are educated and should be. All I'm saying these fix's are the ...
Real Estate in Real Life: What You Can Do Online vs. In-Person

It's so important to fix , clean and touch up . Buyer's are educated and should be. All I'm saying these fix's are the least expensive.

Just remember while shopping for your new home it's your turn to peak in every corner and don't feel intrusive you have every reason to investigate.

A1 Cleaning by Design In Home Services can prepare your home for sale from Styling/Curb Appeal to Cleaning Services General Contractor Services.

It's one thing to buy a shirt online that you've never seen or tried on in-person. It's another thing entirely if you try to apply that buying technique to a house.

DID YOU KNOW WE DO REPAIRS (Here some before and after pictures)Alex a customer called and told me he purchased another ...


(Here some before and after pictures)

Alex a customer called and told me he purchased another property, we had worked on a project last year and wanted A1 Cleaning by Design In Home Service to prepare another one of his investment properties ready for rental. Alex lives in CA. so he relies on my service to be done correctly and as always pictures are provided on completed work.

Services included painting, repairs varied, make ready cleaning, floor polishing, carpet cleaning, partial staging.

It would be my pleasure to talk to you about your Real Estate needs.

Free Estimates are always available.


Donna Moore

This kitchen got 5 Stars!  Move Out Service's...   (469)233-1264Sold Home...End of Lease..Apartment or Residential ..Mov...

This kitchen got 5 Stars!
Move Out Service's... (469)233-1264

Sold Home...End of Lease..
Apartment or Residential ..

Moving is stressful enough! While your unpacking A1 Cleaning BDIHS is wrapping thing up at your old residents.

Pictures are provided at completion for your records.. Elevating any problems, discrepancies about your obligations or Deposits you have coming..

These pictures should be kept until you have signed off your lease agreement or closed on your home.

Also available

Drywall Repair
Paint Touch Up
Carpet Cleaning
Tub Whitening

This was a Move Out Service . Owner closing obligations included professional cleaning the home and carpet.. This includ...

This was a Move Out Service . Owner closing obligations included professional cleaning the home and carpet.. This included All flooring and carpet cleaned.

Windowsills, blinds, baseboards, fan's, hanging lighting dust is removed.

Kitchen appliances includes oven, stove top, broiler and microwave inside and out. All cabinets and shelving dusted out and cabinets outside a damp cloth used for finger prints and drips. Hardware cleaned and shined.

Bathrooms toilets, base, tubs, sinks, showers cleaned and sanitized. Cabinetry dusted out and outside a damp cloth used for spills. Mirror, hardware cleaned and shined.

All living spaces closets are dusted out. Laundry area cleaned.
A Move Out Service is to remove dust and dirt from the move out and sanitize the bathrooms and kitchen. Carpet and floors to remove dust and clean under the furniture behind refrigerator and washer, dryer.

At this stage homes are already been cleaned and detailed before going going on the market for sale.. Then a Move Out cleaning is done by seller..
After the seller is completely gone then the home has a walk threw by your Realitor and you inspect the home before you close on your home.

Your Move In Service should include all inside windows cleaned. Windowsills cleaned, doors knob's cleaned, sanitized. Pantry shelves sanitized wiped out as well closets shelf space.
Cabinetry inside wiped out, drawers and cabinets outside wiped down with appropriate product.
Front porch and garage swept.

In addition to a lite cleaning all over the home just before boxes hit the floors.

My service provides guest bathroom toilet tissue, hand sanitizer and paper towels for kitchen, liquid soap.
Last... Bottled water ...

My hope is to make a all ready challenging time just a bit easier..

It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you have and the opportunity to earn your business.

Donna Moore

One of the services I provide is preparing your home for sale. You want your home to look it's best and show well . Jaso...

One of the services I provide is preparing your home for sale. You want your home to look it's best and show well .

Jason phoned my office and we set a appointment to go over service's Styling using his furniture. Polishing his hardwood flooring. Detailing fireplace, Carpeting Cleaning, Master Shower Glass, Tub Whitening is some of extra services he used.

The styling was a done and the house cleaned and detailed. After everything was completed and ready for the market and pictures. I referred Jason to a preferred Realtor. The house was on the market for 2 days went to close 30 days later.

Before it closed, I provided his Move Out Cleaning to remove dust and debris from the move, appliances removed and emptying cabinetry. He decided to make the home Move In Ready so additional services were done for the new owner.

The home was fully cleaned and sanitized all cabinets and closet, pantries, shelving cleaned. Surfaces get antibacterial non toxic cleaners. He left the refrigerator, each piece is hand washed and dried then sprayed with food grade sanitizer and looks new. Bathrooms and kitchen show no traces of a previous owner. This is called Move In Ready.

The new owner and Selling Realtor did a walk threw of the house to view the condition before close.
Everything was perfect !! The home closed

I would like to say it was all me but it was the combination of good Realitor's a educated seller and of course A1 Cleaning by Design In Home Services ..

It would be my pleasure to answer your question about my service's and estimates.

(469)233-1264. Donna Moore

Photos from A1 Home By Design's post

Photos from A1 Home By Design's post

Cleaning up when you have put new floors down.  Your contractor needs to cover your walls, window's, vents should be clo...
How to Minimize Dust on Wood Flooring Job Sites - Hardwood Floors Magazine

Cleaning up when you have put new floors down. Your contractor needs to cover your walls, window's, vents should be closed off as they complete each area.

Hire a good contractor, do not think a cleaning company can fix their short cuts . The prep and clean up can not be cheated. A good contractor should explain, the dirty truth about what's to come.

Even at best you do get a contractor that covers everything and provided the correct vacuum designed for fine dust, your still going to have dust.

It's false when a flooring company say's it's dust free . They want to sell flooring and it is toxic OSHA requires mask and eye protection. Its a fine dust that cuts your lungs, your eye's, skin ..

If you hire a cleaning company to do your contractors job, even if you make it clear it's contruction clean up for floors, cabinets, what ever your doing in your home . All contractors have a level of clean up that should be move in ready and nothing less.

It still will take several cleanings to remove all construction dust and a non toxic home. It is in vents, and filters, ledges, window's, walls, it just part of the program.

Also change your filter's and clean vents. Your home vacuum will not work for this type of clean up and then will be ready for trash.

Everything from basics on running the big machine to detailed buffer techniques and more are in these wood floor sanding articles.


If your selling you property Texas is booming. Here's some tips that are will help get the best bang for your investment, easy fixes and must do's..

1. De Clutter, De Clutter

2. Re styling will give a fresh look with less cost then staging.

3. A full and detailed cleaning in and out your property the front door area and back door. Windows inside and out if you can. Baseboards dusted, spills washed, dirty baseboards paint. Blinds dusted or replaced if old and broken. Fresh blinds and clean windowsills and let in the sun.
Lighting and fans washed and fan blades all lights bulbs replaced that are out.
Fire place is cleaned and detailed.

4. Small repairs missing electrical plates,
whiten stained tubs, remove soap scumb on shower doors. Re chaulking tubs and sinks.

5. Shampoo carpets, polish floors.

6. De clutter closet's

7. Paint Touch up.

8. Old Toilet seat replace.. Fresh clean

9 . Kitchen and bathroom cabinets wipe down and treat with wood polish.

10. Any hardware in bathrooms missing fix or replace, upgrade if you can.

Tax deductable and it will improve the
Sale of you property.

A1' Cleaning offers all these services
Please call or for more information and free consultation.


Once again... A 1' Cleaning by Design, has been awarded best in home service. This is the second year in a row for this award.

Thank you to all my customers for your 4 & 5 Star review's making A1' Cleaning by Design, Awarded Best in Dallas for 2016




Rental requirements
You have a move out agreement section that you need to follow and requires you to leave appliances, kitchen, bathroom, flooring swept, carpet vacuum and or cleaned, laundry area, bedroom, living spaces, patio, garage any trash cans cleaned (No damage as well) or repaired.
Leaving the unit in the same condition but normal usage is expected. Any other conditions needs to be fixed or your paying out the ..... You get my point !

Some high rise and uptown location's requirements include replacing light bulbs even painting.

It's important to your credit and returned deposit to understand your move out requirements if not the end result loss of deposit and or a balance owed at market prices. Not cheap ...

My services can provide all services to ensure your protected . All customers get the convenience of a full service business that follow's Texas standard rental agreement ..

Picture's are supplied at completion invoiced that a professional cleaning was done for any discrepancies. You would be surprised how many times this information is needed after a walk threw has been done and your deposit is on the line or a call from a collection agency for unpaid balance.

This is not necessarily on purpose either
9 times out of 10 it's truly just document mistakes, maintenance mistakes our not understanding your move out requirements.

Proof is needed in any case and my business give's proof at completion".

This information needs to be kept for 6 months to a year if possible. A lease is a legal binding contract. AKA (agreement) a descriptive less threatening meaning the same ramifications as legal contract.


Warmest Regards,


Another great question ?
The bathroom .... This is a busy place ! It's a comforting bath or a steamy shower.
Let's start with tubs, depending on how old or if you're dealing with a porcelain beauty. They can get pretty gross, no matter how you try it doesn't take long to go on the dark side.

Good old Ajax with Clorox. Clean start from the edge work down. If you're doing your tile as well do this first. Use a white vinegar spray 1/4 water 1 cup... Spray section's starting at the top. Use a old cotton t- shirt in the size of a large wash rag . Spray and wipe rinse rag in hot water bucket with same solution...
Make sure water in bucket is changed when needed. Then when done wipe down tiles with clean warm water .
It's truly time consuming but the vinegar will cut threw residue build up.

Back to tub, good old Ajax and scrubbing pad .

After cleaning once. Then twice you should have a white tub. If not.
Please use with caution.... It's the fumes
Use Ajax again spreading around leaving a good coat like a paste.
Take any glass cleaner with ammonia and mist over ... please cover your face and turn fan on, open window.
This is chemistry and it will create a toxic fumes.

Leave this over night if you can minimal 3 hours. Go in turn hot water shower just to wet then scrub again to loosen up the grime an rinse well.

Your bath tub should have whiten at least 2 to 3 levels.

Repeat for even better results.

Now this is a trick of the trade. I use this method a lot. For a little whitening those Clorox whiten pads will help the do fall apart and are for small jobs with minimal needs.

I do offer tub whitening services especially great for homes for sale and rental properties.

Hope this was helpful,


A 1' Cleaning by Design was awarded Best of 2015 business in Dallas, Texas.This is made up of customer choice and   Marc...

A 1' Cleaning by Design was awarded
Best of 2015 business in Dallas, Texas.
This is made up of customer choice and Marco Zappacosta, CEO, Thumbtack



Make your space look bigger

Hang floor-length curtains above your windows to give the illusion of higher ceilings. Lay down a striped rug to make your floor seem more expansive. Use a clear shower curtain to open up a small bathroom.

How can you make your rooms look bigger?



It's fall and now the holiday's are peaking around the bend.
Fall cleaning means getting ready for colder weather and guest. Deep Cleaning is recommended including blinds, vent covers, windowsills and windows inside and out. Nothing like dirty windows and Holloween decorations or Christmas lights window's are a big part if decorating for the holidays, even just inside is a inprovement over bugs and cobb webbs in them. Well maybe Holloween... Plus the dust mites are unhealthy period . So get a good detox to start out your fall and winter season.
Changing bed cloth's to warmer more fall color gets you in the mood for the months to come. Cordinating bathroom, kitchen, pillows, fall plants, area rugs can give a fresh look. I like to go with colors that work with all the holiday's to come so decorating for each celebration is easy and blend with my new purchases and collection of decorations purchase over the years.



Did you know :

That the state of Texas dose not consider a Refrigerator part of the home that you take your refrigerator with you unless you work it in to your purchase or rental. Only microwave if it's a fixed to cabinetry. Stove, ovens blinds, lighting and fans. Remote rods and window treatments.

Did you know:

Renters the carpets padding by law is to be changed every 7 years and carpets every 5 years. So take care of your carpets shampoo every 6 months.
At move out always leave water and electric on until lease end. You can be charged for this it's so apartment/house refrigerator is not cut off and development mold and ice machine get bacterial growth hoses. Water heater stays on, it's harmful to the appliances. All so always remember to get a move out cleaning before water and electric is off its needed to santize and do cleaning.
Donna B Moore

Janis Ian

Janis Ian

Annoy Monsanto and save some bees. Use this instead of Roundup and Neonicotinoids.
1 gallon vinegar
2 cups Epson Salt
1/4 cup Dawn dish detergent
Mix and spray on weeds in the morning, after dew has evaporated. Works better, is cheaper, okay for the environment.


Real Estate is so hot now, home sales are getting over asking price in most cases.
Don't lose money by not having your home professionally cleaned and detailed.
With a detailed cleaning for your home the in home specialist knows just what needs to be done to get your investment ready for sale and show beautifully. Design and staging for homeowners is available . Those who have a budget using your items and freshen up your home and curb appeal with a great detailed cleaning may be a alternative. Know worries A1'Cleaning by Design is just that a full service in home speciality business that can design a package for your specific real estate needs.
Please call Donna at (469)233-1264 for your free estimate
Text 24/7


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