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4 Stars Custom Cleaning 13 years in the trade, we offer regular cleanings, move in & out, window washing, power washing gutter cleaning tile and grout cleaning


Did you know that four star custom cleaning offers more than just regular cleaning?

We also offer window washing services
Power washing
Move-in and move-out cleaning


When you buy from a small business, an actual person does the "Happy Dance".

Please Support small business this season.





Instead of feeling overwhelmed before parties, events and school activities, here’s why you should consider a holiday home cleaning:

1. Prepare for holiday visitors. I remember my Mom feeling the pressure to clean the home from top to bottom before anyone visited for the holidays. Now that she’s older, she hires professional help. Smart woman!

2. Cook holiday meals in a clean kitchen. Bake all your holiday cookies in a freshly cleaned oven. Fit even more food inside your freshly cleaned fridge.

3. Shop in peace. Instead of cleaning your home for two hours, go do your holiday shopping and run errands instead.

4. Enjoy your days without cleaning. Give yourself a break. Go take a walk or get a massage while your home is professionally cleaned.

5. Donate your time. Clean out your closets and donate unneeded items as you prepare for your home cleaning. Take the two hours it takes for the cleaning crew to be in your home and use it to volunteer. Countless organizations are looking for help around the holidays.

6. Spend quality family time. Watch holiday movies with your families, go outside and be present instead of giving presents.

7. Be ready to host a holiday event. Your holiday party will go off without a hitch thanks to a professional home cleaning. You can take interest in some of the smaller details.

8. Start the New Year with a clean home. Your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom areas and living room will be sparkling clean by 2018. Imagine how refreshing that will be?!

Call text or message me for a free in home estimate.

Jennifer Duperly
4 Stars Custom Cleaning


Is your home ready for the Holidays?

With everything going on who has time to clean?

Dont delay there are still some openings for ore christmas cleanings.

Call or text to set up your free estimate (703)328-1349.

Good morning,  I hope everyone is staying warm it got down to 39 degrees last night, that means winter is coming.  Is yo...

Good morning, I hope everyone is staying warm it got down to 39 degrees last night, that means winter is coming. Is your home ready for the holidays?

Have you ever thought about having your home cleaned before the family and friends come for the holidays?

For new clients in November i am offering $50.00 off your first cleaning and 25 dollars off your 2nd cleaning.

We offer
Regular cleanings
move in and out cleanings
Power washing
Window cleaning
As well as stage cleaning to get your home ready for the real estate market.

Please go to my web page www.4starcustomcleaning.com look at my pictures book a cleaning by calling or texting (703)328-1349

Our cleanings are consistent, detailed, and always within your customized cleaning plan.  We offer individual, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings.  

Christmas is coming only 7 weeks left.  Between children, christmas shopping, parties, children, christmas shopping and ...

Christmas is coming only 7 weeks left. Between children, christmas shopping, parties, children, christmas shopping and wrapping who has time for cleaning their homes for the in laws. Call me at (703)328-1349 to book your holiday cleaning.


You sleep with 1.5 million dust mites every night.

Call me today for a free in home estimate and ask me for a free mattress vacuum.


Gross Fact:

It’s obvious that your toilet bowl needs to be cleaned regularly, but what if we told you there’s something else in your home that’s even dirtier? Your kitchen sink! Food from cooking and dirty plates builds up stealthily and breeds dangerous bacteria. In a recent study, the National Sanitation Foundation found that more than 75% of dish sponges and rags contained traces of Salmonella, E. Coli and even fecal matter (gag!).

Call me to schedule a free in home cleaning estimate.


Did you know that dust collects on your walls? Schedule for your walls to be cleaned. We even get underneath the frames on the wall.


Are you ready to have your house clean? I'm interested in cleaning your home and making it Sparkle. Message me for a free in-home estimate today.


Good morning and happy Monday I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm reaching out to you today because I'm looking to enlarge my commercial cleaning section. I am looking for small Businesses.

I am looking for small business friends
Dental offices
Doctors offices
And law firms.

If you know any small business that is looking for a cleaning service to make their businesses look happier and cleaner please pass on my information.

We also perform
Regular cleaning services
Move-in and move-out cleaning services
We can also offer assistance in getting your house ready for the market.
Window washing
Power washing

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Did you know that not only does the furniture get dusty but so does your walls.

Did you know a 2 year old pillows weight is 20% dead skin.

80% of dust in your house is dead skin.

Dust in your house or office is made up of a combination of pollen, hair, textile fibers, paper fibers, soil minerals, cosmic dust particles, and various other materials found in the local environment.

So whether at work or at home do you like breathing all this stuff in? Yeah, me either!

When you call 4 Star Custom Cleaning not just the surface gets dusted but so does every side of that object, we don't believe in just a surface dusting.

Please call today for you free in home cleaning estimate and let's see how we can get your house healthy again.


Services you might not expect us to do:

Power washing
De cluttering
Move in cleanings
Move out cleanings
Stage cleaning pre market sales
Foreclosure cleaning
Grout and tile cleaning and sealing
Window Cleaning
Event set up and tear down
We also provide oven and fridge cleaning
As well as deep cleaning

Book now for 50.00 off first cleaning and 25.00 off 3rd cleaning.


Windows cleaning and power washing sale going on now. Call me for more cost saving deals. (703)328-1349.


So you survived the BLIZZARD of 2016 but did your home? Have a deep cleaning of your home today and schedule your free in home estimate. Call or text me today to receive an additional 60 dollars off you initial cleaning. For and additional 10.00 off like and share for a total of 70.00 off your first cleaning.


Im reaching out to my clients to please share my 4 Stars Custom Cleaning page and share a comment on our cleaning services. Look forward to seeing your honest comments. Jennifer


Salt and sand can do havoc on hardwood floors and carpets. We offer carpet cleaning and floor cleaning. Call today to get a free estimate.


Attention my current and past clients I would like to say thank you number one for your business you made 2015 a great year and I hope that 2016 is even better. Today through Thursday only post your comments on my page about your cleaning experience with us and at the end of this week we will have a drawing for a $50 Harris Teeter gift card your suggestions are also helpful.


All the kids are back in school now, do you need your house cleaned?


Another great service we offer is cleaning tile floor grout and re sealing the grout to keep staining out. Call today for a free in home estimate to have grout cleaned and sealed.


Happy New year......

Start the year off right with a professional cleaning performed by 4 Star Custom Cleaning. Call before January 8 to schedule your in home customizable cleaning plan and receive 60.00 dollars off your initial cleaning and 15 dollars off your third cleaning for a total of 75.00 in savings. Remember your time is valuable our time is affordable!


March winds bring in April showers which brings May flowers schedule your window cleaning now so you can see your flowers in May.


Look at your window cleaning early and save $3 a window.


What a beautiful Friday it is! Today only if you book a window cleaning we will reduce it to $2.50 a window today only call 703 328 1349 to schedule your appointment. Booked today for a future window cleaning


Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Schedule your spring cleaning now!!! Need to freshen up your siding, decks, walkways or driveways, then schedule your power washing jobs now. Spaces fill up fast for may/April.


cleaning tip of the day. To reduce mold and mildew growing in your shower or bathtub simply dry off your walls after shower or bath and also keep your doors or shower curtain open. Just because the top of your shower is open doesn't mean that it's going to dry properly.


School is back in and your house has taken on some abuse. No need to worry, call 4 star cleaning. We also offer power washing, gutter cleaning and raking.


Window washing special was $8.00 a window for both exterior and interior sides (as long as we can get to the outside) now is $5.00 a window. Schedule now to book your services at $5.00 a window.


We are now offering full power washing services. Makes a home beautiful when putting it on the market.


Do you know of anyone moving soon?


501 West Poplar Rd
Sterling, VA


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