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Happy mother's day, from clean endings


Happy friday


I'll be out all week cuz I'm having surgery but you can still email me or call the office and leave a message


We have availability. If you need a spring clean, move out or a regular cleaning we are here just give us a call or message us.


Happy Monday

Happy Monday. We have availability if you have dirt, just message me or call the office number.

Happy Monday. We have availability
if you have dirt, just message me or call the office number.


I just wanted to let you know that due to the weather we are having a snow day and are closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Happy Labor Day, we are closed today but everyone enjoy a day off


Happy 4th everyone


Happy Wednesday


We are not opened on Monday, with that being said Merry Christmas from clean endings

Happy holiday party

Happy holiday party


We are closed on thanksgiving, happy holidays.




We are not open on Monday for the great event, hope everyone enjoys themselves


We are completely booked this month because of the solar eclipse businesses is good


This next Wednesday we are going to be updating our picture of all the teams


Had a great productive day at work


Permanently closed? I think not!


Wow, what a great week for our Clean Endings family! We welcomed 7 new clients over the past 3 day's! Have a fantastic weekend!


Thank you to all of our clients and staff for making 2012 great! ~Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!~ Be safe tonight!


With all the coughs and sneezes going around remember to disinfect areas that are commonly touched like door knobs, light switches, refrigerator handles, phones, TV remotes, etc.


It's Holiday cleaning time again! What is your secret to cleaning for company? I hide all the mess in boxes in the garage :/


An easy tip for those of us who hate to clean the inside of our Microwave: When loading the dishwasher load the microwave plate in with the rest of the dishes. It will come out sparkling clean every time.


Welcome back OSU students!! Go Beav's!!!


Combating fleas? Here are a few things every pet owner needs to know.
1. Vinegar/ Water spray bottle or rinse after a bath. (Yes Vinegar) on your pet will repel the little critters.

2. A study reported in Science Daily concludes that adult fleas were
killed by the vacuum with a 96% success rate, and younger fleas
with a 100% success rate.

4. Vacuum daily as a female adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day.
So if you have 10 fleas in the house, and half are female, that
means 250 eggs will be laid each day. After just 3 days of this,
here will be 1,750 eggs/larva in the house.

5. While fleas don't mind Dogs they prefer Cats so always treat all your pets.



Mineral oil is a 'must have' for your household arsenal: Use it on fine wood furnishings, wood cabinets, polish stainless steel, coat wooden utensils and cutting boards and even treat squeaky hinges.


In July 1992 Wendy Kidder started her own cleaning company. 20 years and over 1,600 clients later, thanks to our dedicated clients, we have been allowed to continue our mission: Helping others save time and providing peace of mind at the end of the day.


Clean Endings staff would like wish all of you a very special Independence Day!


Many people are on the move this month. If you would like your cleaning deposit back remember to clean the 'unseen' areas; inside cabinets, under fridge and stove, light fixtures, door and window frames and the window tracks. (just to name a few)


Don’t forget your House plants!
The easiest method for cleaning houseplants is to move them to the shower and hose them off. Test the water before spraying, to make sure it is lukewarm. Both hot and cold water can injure the plant’s leaves.
If your plants are grimy, you can spray them with a dilute soapy water mixture and then hose them off. Use about 1/4 t. dish soap per 1 qt. of water.


The tulips are budding and the birds are singing . That can only indicate one thing: It’s time for spring cleaning! Call us today for a free in-home estimate! (541) 754-7157


We have an opening in May for a Cleaning for a Reason client. If you know of a woman with cancer who would enjoy free housecleaning, contact


With good weather peaking around the corner we will be opening up our windows more. Remember to clean the window tracks so that old dirt doesn't blow in. Vacuum the track, agitating the dirt with a dry cleaning toothbrush or whisk broom. Then spray and wipe out by wrapping your cleaning cloth around a putty knife so you can get the crevices and corners.


This is the 3rd Annual Cleaning For A Reason Week, and the organization is hoping to reach it's goal of $5,000 to keep this non-profit alive. We at Clean Endings service women with cancer through this important non-profit. If you wish to donate toward this worthy cause, go to their website now thru April 24th:


Cleaning Tip: To remove stubborn odors that linger after you clean your microwave, use a microwave safe dish and add a little lemon juice, or some vinegar and water. Heat the liquid for a minute or two. Allow the liquid to cool inside the microwave and leave it there for a few hours to remove the bad smells.


Spring Cleaning Tip: Vacuum drapery tops with the vacuum attachment and long wand. Just get the very top where dust settles and cobwebs form.


And, for all who celebrate this Easter weekend we at Clean Endings extend our Happy Easter wishes.


Spring Cleaning Tip: Clean Forgotten Places like the grate on the bottom of the refrigerator, the air conditioning intake vents (whisk brooms are perfect for this), the grooves on the doors, tops of door frames, and the lock ledges of the windows. Easy to reach, but often missed.


Spring Cleaning Tip: Give woodwork a makeover by washing from top to bottom with a an all purpose cleaner to cut through grime, then go over the entire surface with a Furniture Polish to make the your unpainted wood gleam. The results are impressive.


It is time for some Spring Cleaning tips: Move Big Stuff like the sofa, beds, and any other heavy furniture you normally don't clean behind. Pull the item away from the wall, one side at a time, and clean behind it by using the vacuum attachment to reach the baseboards and crevices. Vacuum or wipe down the furniture pieces head to toe if you haven't done it in a while.


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