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Three cleaning products you should never combine

❌Bleach and ammonia. Combining the two causes a toxic gas called chloramine

❌Vinegar and bleach. A go-to for many, but vinegar should never be mixed with bleach. Doing so will produce toxic chlorine and chloramine vapours.

❌Rubbing alcohol and bleach. This combination produces Chloroform.


To reduce the hassle when kitchen-cleaning time rolls around, there are a number of quick and easy ways to maintain the cleanliness of your refrigerator on a day-to-day basis.

-Be sure to regularly check through the products in the refrigerator and throw out anything that out of date. Mouldy foods can contaminate other items, so bin them!

-Clean up any spills as soon as possible. Spills can drip onto other foods, and can cause bad smells – especially if a bottle of milk leaks.

-Keep a small plastic box filled with baking soda at the bottom of your fridge. This baking soda will absorb any strong odours!


Top Tip - keeping your fridge clean

Daily cleaning activities are an important part of maintaining a clean refrigerator. Stick to a cleaning schedule and check the refrigerator daily to tackle any new spills using a specially formulated cleaning product like Jif Anti-Bacterial Spray or Cream.


Is Disinfectant OK to Use in the Fridge?

Disinfectants – like bleach – should never be used inside refrigerators. As with other kitchen cleaning products, any disinfectant that comes into contact with food could make people ill because of the strong chemicals they contain. Stick to specially formulated products that are safe to use inside a fridge, or opt for natural cleaners instead.


Key Steps of cleaning your fridge:

Remove all food from the refrigerator – this will allow you to clean all the corners and crevices.

Remove any fridge drawers or shelves and soak in warm water mixed with dishwashing soap.

Use a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid to wipe the interior.

Use baking soda to remove stubborn stains.

Follow the instructions on any cleaning products with care.

I have a hot tip which I will share with you in tge next few weeks in helping to prevent spills and easy ways to keep yo...

I have a hot tip which I will share with you in tge next few weeks in helping to prevent spills and easy ways to keep your fridge tidy and clean.


To recap, here’s how you declutter toys:

1.Pick a category, not too broad . Collect everything in that category

2.Gather garbage bag and 2 laundry baskets

-Trash. That’s your garbage bag. Any toys that are broken, worn beyond repair or just plain junky
-Pass on. That’s your laundry basket or box. These are things you don’t want to keep but that can be passed on. You might decide to sell the things in excellent condition, give to a friend or take to the thrift store.
-Keep. Your second laundry basket or set to the side. This is for all those things that your child truly loves and uses.

3.Pick up each item and decide whether to trash, pass on or keep.

4.Get rid of the trash and things you’re not keeping

5.Put the remaining toys away


Tips to declutter Toy box

Ask yourself and your kids:

Are these toys versatile? To add a new dimension to my kids’ play.
If toys can’t be played within a multitude of ways, donate them.

Can they be played with open-endedly? For instance, Lego can be built and rebuilt, played with once built and generate endless hours of play.

Does my child play with this toy often? Or, has it been forgotten for weeks? It may be hard to admit, but anything left for over a month isn’t really relevant anymore.

Make your peace with giving up items that have been given to you. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a gesture of generosity.

In next few weeks I am going to share some tips and advices how to declutter your child toys.

In next few weeks I am going to share some tips and advices how to declutter your child toys.


Everyday Items With Expiration Dates You Never Checked

Pillows 2-3 years
Slippers 6 months

Sponge 2 weeks
Shower poufs 6 months
Towel 1-3 years
Toothbrush 3 months
Hairbrush 1 year
Perfume 1-3years

Spices 1-3 years
Flour 6-12 months

Laundry symbols Cheat sheet Part 2/2

Laundry symbols

Cheat sheet

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Laundry symbols Cheat sheet Part 1/2

Laundry symbols

Cheat sheet

Part 1/2

How to use coconut oil in your home Part 2/2

How to use coconut oil in your home

Part 2/2

How to use coconut oil in your homePart 1/2

How to use coconut oil in your home

Part 1/2


Things that'll need to be cleaned all around the house

✅Remove cobwebs and built-up dust from ceilings, windowsills and cornices.
✅remove mould where it's started to grow.
✅dust and clean light fixtures and lamps and replace light bulbs as necessary.
✅use a window cleaner to give your windows a clean.
✅Clean your ceiling fan blades.
Vacuum and mop floors in each room.
✅Check and test your smoke alarms.
If you have a fire extinguisher, now may be the time to get it inspected.


Home office/study SPRING CLEANING checklist

✅Sort through and reorganise your desk drawers.
✅Clean the electronic equipment in your study – including computers, printers and keyboards. You can even take this opportunity to reorganise your desktop.
✅If you have piles of paperwork, bills, and other documents lying around in your study, now is the time to sort them out. File away your paperwork as necessary, or use a paper shredder to destroy any documents you no longer need.


Laundry SPRING CLEANING checklist

✅Give your laundry sink and benchtop a thorough cleaning.
✅Clean out and reorganise your cupboards.
✅Clean your washing machine


Bathroom SPRING CLEANING checklist

✅Clean out your bathroom cupboards.
✅Use your bathroom cleaner to give your bath tubs, showers and sinks a thorough cleaning.
✅Clean your toilet with a toilet cleaner.


Bedroom SPRING CLEANING checklist:

✅remove and wash winter bed linens and blankets before storing them for the season

✅dust and polish furniture

✅vacuum and rotate your mattress

✅clean and store electric blankets, making sure to roll rather than fold them to avoid damaging the insulation

✅spring clean your wardrobe – sort through your clothes and decide what needs to be discarded, donated or stored



Living room, dining room and family room checklist:

✅Give cushion covers a wash, or take them outside to dust them.

✅Vacuum your rugs and lounges.

✅Use a carpet cleaner to give your carpets or rugs a deeper clean.

✅Clean or replace your air conditioner filters.

✅ Clean fan and lamps

✅clean under furniture (under your coffee table ,sofa ect)

✅ wipe down all switchboards, skirting boards

✅vacuum or take outside to dust all curtains/blinds

✅ clean windows

✅ polish all wooden furniture with wax or other specific product

Don't forget to give your electronic equipment a clean, including:

✅TV and the remote control
✅game consoles and DVD/Blu-ray players
✅speakers and soundbars


Kitchen checklist part 2

Other kitchen areas:

Remove whatever is on your kitchen benchtop to give the surface and your splashback a thorough clean.

Go through your kitchen cupboards – ditch any items you no longer need or use and re-organise areas that have become cluttered.
If you've got food items hidden in the depths of your pantry, now is a good time to clear it out, check the expiry dates and reorganise your pantry (e.g. move items with earlier expiry dates to the front to remind yourself to use them up).



Kitchen checklist part 1

Clean your fridge.
Give the inside and outside a good clean, following the tips in our fridge maintenance guide.

Clean your oven.

Clean your cooktop.

Clean your dishwasher.
Maintaining your dishwasher properly will help to give it longevity.

Don't forget your benchtop appliances too:

Clean out the crumbs from inside your toaster – your toaster's crumb tray should be easy to slide in and out for emptying. You should do this frequently to prevent build-up; for a more thorough clean it's also a good idea to give the toaster a good shake.

Descale your kettle.

Clean inside your microwave.

Clean your espresso machine.


Get motivated and make the job more enjoyable with some good tunes – turn on the radio or put on your headphones and get in the zone.


Homemade multipurpose cleaner

All you need is…

✅White vinegar (don’t be too put off by the smell – it will disappear after just a few minutes)
✅Eucalyptus oil (though this can be substituted for tea tree oil if you’re not a fan of the smell)
✅A clean empty spray bottle.


Fill water into the spray bottle half way.
Fill remaining half with white vinegar.
Add 10mls of oil.


Cleaning is much easier when everything has a home.
Work on creating organized storage for all of the things that end up being scattered around the house, like papers, mail, shoes, & toys.


Steps to Clean the Shelves:

Begin by removing all of the items from the shelf. If the individual items need cleaning as well, this is a great time to do so.

Place the items in a box and set it off to the side.If there are several shelves, start at the top and work your way down. This way, if any dust or debris falls, it will land on a shelf that has not yet been cleaned.

Once the shelf is clear, dust it with a soft cloth or duster to remove any loose dust. If the shelf is lined (such as a bathroom, kitchen or closet shelf), remove the lining and clean that as well.

Now you are ready to clean the shelf itself.

Use an cleaner designed for the material that the shelf is made of.Wipe the shelf down with a soft cloth and the cleaning product.Rinse if necessary.Dry with a soft cloth.Replace the shelf liner, if applicable.

Return all of the removed items to the shelf.

Continue onto the next shelf, repeating the steps above.


The most widely recycled materials are:

- Paper and cardboard (newspapers and food packaging boxes and sleeves)
- Glass (bottles and cooking cars)
- Hard plastic (food containers and cartons)
- Metal (aluminium cans, tin cans and foil)

How to clean glasses:) 👓 😎 🕶

How to clean glasses:) 👓 😎 🕶

Return luster and shine to your silvery jewelry by soaking it in 1/2 cup white vinegar mixed with 2 tablespoons of bakin...

Return luster and shine to your silvery jewelry by soaking it in 1/2 cup white vinegar mixed with 2 tablespoons of baking soda for two to three hours. Rinse under cold water, and dry thoroughly


Let’s face it, cleaning is a chore that no one wants to do.

But for some items, being cleaned once a week isn’t enough. Here are five items that should be given a daily once over.

1. Dishes✅

Don’t leave your dishes out overnight. Either hand wash them or put them in the dishwasher. Leftover food attracts cockroaches and other rodents.

2. Bathroom sink✅

3. Kitchen bench✅

4. The kitchen floor✅

There’s no need to drag out the mop and bucket every night, but a quick sweep of the kitchen floor will make sure any food scraps aren’t left to rot.

5. Shower walls✅

Keep a squeegee in the shower and give the walls a wipe down once are you finished. Drying your walls prevents mould and other nasties from building up.


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